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Your goal in 2023 should not be ranking for keywords, it should be owning keywords 

We understand how to create formidable inbound marketing funnels, which is how we generate qualified leads for your business.

Our goal is never to get your pages to rank for a single high-volume keyword, but rather a cluster of 100+ LTKs (Long-Tail Keywords). 

The reason is that pages answering long tail search queries, i.e., search queries with more than 5-6 words will usually yield a higher number of conversions, as well as, more qualified leads. 

However, a single LTK usually has a low search volume. So, what we do is cluster similar LTKs to create content in such a way that your webpage ranks for over 100 LTKs, which then brings you highly qualified leads for you to convert to paying customers.

How it works

Here is a case study of a website we worked on:

Chiliguides Inc.

Chiliguides is a blog-type publishing website and its focus is educating people about fitness equipment. 

However, after nearly 2 years in business, chiliguides was not yielding any results. After running an audit on their website, we noticed that their content was “too thin”. I.e., it was not generating enough EAT (expertise, authority, and trust) and the readers didn’t care much for the UX either. 

So, we got to work on their website, and within 4 months, chiliguides Inc. doubled their organic traffic! 

In October 2021 they had 1,078 users in monthly organic traffic 

and in January 2022 they had 2,111 users in monthly organic traffic. 

Here are the actual results on the individual articles we worked on for chiliguides:

1. We published an article on Stairmaster workouts which now ranks for almost 300 keywords and brings in 220 users a month.

What’s more? We published this article only 4 months ago. Mission successful!

2. We published an article on the benefits of using a stairmaster which ranks for over 248 keywords a month and brings in 169 users in organic traffic every month

3. We optimized an article on bench press racks. This single page ranks for over 900 keywords!

Through better content and SEO, chiliguides now passively generates thousands of new qualified leads every year. 

SEO is a slow burn but it is the best long-term marketing investment any business can make.